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Grayguns P320 Trigger Exchange Program

The program is for customers who purchased our Practical Enhanced Leverage Trigger (PELT), or sent their P320 to Grayguns for action enhancements. We also have published videos on how to remove your trigger.

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Happy P320 Day! Is that not a thing? We're pretty sure it's a thing. Show us your P320.

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Another new entrant for concealed carry red dots...

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Langdon Tactical + Grayguns =

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Circa 1982, one of the first classic .38 Super comp guns to hit the IPSC stage, this is one of the guns that changed the face of practical shooting by igniting the great IPSC equipment race. I built this Colt full-profile heavyweight comp gun for my dear friend Angelo right after leaving Devel and returning to California. These 11-round blasters immediately ruled the West Coast matches and popularized the concept overnight. By 1984, everyone was making Supers. Note the pewter grips and tungsten guide rod. This thing would be far too heavy for today's dynamic style of competition, but was perfect for cleaning the standards-intensive, low-factored matches of the early 80's.

- Bruce Gray

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It's a New Year, with new opportunities and many new things on the horizon.

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To all our fellow patrons, are you aware of what’s going on in Oregon? Please help @brucegrayggi fight this. Listen to video to learn how to get involved.

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