Premium Custom P320 & P365 Slides

Grayguns is exited to announce our custom slide program for the SIG Sauer® P320 and P365 pistols. A variety of stock options and finishes will be made available.

We're collecting data from our customers to better gauge interest in the different models and slide lengths you're interested in.

Providing this information will allow us to better estimate what we should create and stock.

Slide Design & Physics

Grayguns will be releasing two P320 designs, and one design for the P365 and P365XL.

These will be available in both completed slides (slide, barrel, guide rod and internals) as well as full pistol builds.

The Lockwood

Personally commissioned and designed by USPSA Grand Master Isaac Lockwood, this P320 slide is specifically designed for Carry Optics has the following features.

  • 4.7 inch full size slide with optimal mass balance and aggressive texture
  • A custom 5 inch P320 X-Five Bull Barrel cut down and hand-fitted for the 4.7 inch slide length.

By balancing this particular combination of slide and barrel mass, we are able to provide a fast, but very soft and flat shooter. For many who have tried this combination, the red dot tracks more consistently in the window.

The Modern Classic

Bruce Gray and his team wanted to embark into the custom slide market. However, Bruce being a classic gunsmith, didn’t want his slide to resemble or feel like a wood rasp out of a wood shop. They went through many iterations but settled on something classic for this modern sporting pistol.

This slide features a pure, classic look that complements the modern design of the P320. Our goal was to focus on the weight and the balance first, and introduce a classic 1911 spin with utility-driven serrations in strategic areas.

It will be available in all popular lengths including 5 inch, 4.7 inch, 3.9 inch and 3.6 inch.

The P365 Custom Slides

Available in both 3.7 inch and 3.1 inch slide lengths, the custom P365 and P365XL slides will have custom aesthetics designed by the team at Grayguns.

They will be consistent with the modern classic approach with the same detail that went into the P320 slides.

What slides would you be interested in?

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P320 & P365 Custom Slide Phase 1

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