Action Cleanup Perfection Service


If your P-Series SIG Sauer pistol has the Short Reset Trigger (SRT), or you do not want reduced reset at all, this package is for you. Our flagship Action Cleanup Perfection package includes detailed refitting, polishing and refinishing of the internal parts mated with installation of our proprietary springs to yield the smoothest double-action (DA) and cleanest single-action (SA) pulls possible on this platform.

The DA pull weight is optimized for carry and LEO duty applications while retaining 100 percent reliability with defensive-grade ammunition, and the SA pull is set at approximately 4 to 4.5 pounds.

Like all of our action packages, the ACP also includes full feed and reliability work and a comprehensive armorer’s inspection, test firing and sight regulation for your complete confidence.

Ensure you indicate in the "Additional Information" section of the Action Work Pre-Order Form whether your gun will be for duty or range/competition use.

This is the correct package for the following SIG Sauer pistols:

  • all DA/SA SIG Sauer model (P220, P225/P6, P226, P228, P229, and X-5 All-Around)
  • all SAO pistols including X-5 L1 and X5 Competition
  • all DAK or DAO models

Available Options

For many pistols you can take advantage of our team's experience installing our upgraded parts. This includes options for...

  • Dual Adjustable Trigger with choice of trigger style
  • Short Reset Trigger System
  • Custom Strut System

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