HK Striker-Fired Action Package


HK pistolComprehensive action cleanup, refitting and smoothing/ polishing, cocking lever smoothing work, full feed and reliability package, gauging of safety and sear engagement values and assessment of condition; sight regulation and thorough range testing.

This package includes a fitted internal over-travel stop – including internal over-travel adjustment – a reduced power sear spring, and Nickel Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating to internal action components.

Trigger guard groove removal, and reshaping of the left side slide release to your specification available separately. (VP9 family & VP40 only.)

From Darryl Bolke as posted at Modern Service Weapons in Feb. 2013 after he sent his Heckler & Koch P7 in for the Grayguns treatment…

My initial trip to the range was a real joy. I need to spend some quality time with the P7 to really get used to running one again. I could shoot it well, but one test proved to me that there is a ton of potential in this gun. While working a B8 bull stapled to a typical silhouette resulted in easy and rapid hits to the bull and head, the real eye opener came at the end of the day. Working at 7 yards on an 8-inch plate from the ready I was getting easy .43 to .44 hits. This may be slow for many, but considering I hadn’t been shooting in almost two months and a long time since I worked a P7, I was pleased beyond words. This is where the P7 is a great gun. I have always found them to be easy to get hits with at speed if I don’t really think about it. The HK P7’s are very intuitive pistols to run. …

I shot it good, but my bubble was burst when I handed it off to my business partner Wayne Dobbs. Most people who know Wayne know that he is a very gifted shooter. I should know better than to hand him my new “neat gun” with three loaded magazines. Wayne simply stood about 8 yards away and dumped 25 rounds into the X-ring of a B8 target at a fairly rapid pace. Not 25 10’s, but 25 X’s…I took it away and asked him to kindly wipe the gigantic grin off his face. Simply put, the Gray Guns trigger will help a good shooter be more consistent, and allow a great shooter to do the Lord’s work.

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