HK Striker-Fired Action Package


HK pistolOur HK Striker-Fired Action Package includes a comprehensive action cleanup, refitting and smoothing/ polishing, full feed and reliability package, gauging of safety and sear engagement values and condition assessment, sight regulation and thorough range testing.

This package includes eliminating gross over-travel through our action work, which allows the trigger to have a slightly shorter reset. It also includes a reduced power sear spring and Nickel Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating to internal action components.

This premium package goes beyond simple surface treatments. We refine Heckler and Koch’s VP9 fire control components, optimizing the sear and trigger bar timing to give a crisp break and eliminate excessive over-travel. The result is a trigger with a slightly shorter reset length and position.

Our expert craftsmanship extends to smoothing the pretravel, eradicating any texture or inconsistencies (the dreaded hump), ensuring a smooth, light, and consistent take-up.

We further enhance your firearm’s performance by replacing the sear spring with a reduced-power variant, achieving a trigger pull weight that perfectly balances comfort and safety for everyday carry.

As the piece de resistance, we meticulously polish and coat all critical internal components with Nickel Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a treatment known for its unparalleled benefits.

This nickel Teflon treatment imparts a multitude of advantages to your firearm. Its superior lubricity properties significantly diminish friction and wear, ensuring prolonged reliability and performance.

Moreover, it fortifies critical components against corrosion and chemical degradation, while its anti-adhesion characteristics mitigate the risk of fouling and ensure seamless operation under diverse conditions.

This package is available for all HK VP9 series handguns and the VP40

HK Trigger Action Package - Pistol Models

  • VP9
  • VP9SK
  • VP9L
  • VP9 Tactical
  • VP9 Tactical OR
  • VP9 B
  • VP9 Match
  • VP40

Optional Services

Trigger Guard Removal Service - $80

We're proud to introduce our Trigger Guard Removal Service, tailored for all VP9 and VP40 frames featuring a middle groove beneath the trigger. This modification effectively prevents any discomfort or pinching of the trigger finger during the pull, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable shooting experience.

Left Side Slide Release Reshaping Modification - $50

Our Left Side Slide Release Reshaping Modification includes flattening and reshaping the slide release lever. This adjustment prevents unintended contact with the dominant or support hand, minimizing the risk of inadvertently locking the slide open during live fire.

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