SIG Sauer P365XL Aftermarket Parts

Following the game-changing release of the SIG Sauer® P365, the P365XL was released in early 2019 to extremely favorable reviews. Since the release, the XL version became just as popular – or more popular – than its 12-round capacity little brother.

The P365XL features a 12-round magazine and comes with and extended 15-round magazine as well.

The modular design of the components and the removable fire control unit allows for owners to mix and match accessories including grip modules. Grayguns parts designed for the P365 easily work with the P365 and the other models released.

The P365 family has been a very popular design, earning multiple industry awards since its introduction.

Grayguns supports the P365XL platform with performance components for the P365 family of handguns, including the P365, P365X and P365 SAS.

Our lineup features laser-sculpted grip modules, compensators, magazine releases and an adjustable straight trigger.

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