P365 Adjustable Hybrid Trigger


This Grayguns P365 Adjustable Hybrid Trigger’s unique face allows the shooter can take advantage of finger placement lower on the face with the comfort of a traditional curved face. The trigger is adjustable for over-travel.

Available in standard black oxide. Occasionally available in Nickel PTFE finish.

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The P365 Adjustable Hybrid Trigger is adjustable for over-travel. It is the ultimate fire control refinement for the P365, embodying the best innovations from Bruce Gray.

Proudly American-made from precision machined tool steel, heat-treated, hand-finished, and gauged for perfect appearance, fit, and function.

The Grayguns signature adjustment feature has been added to this new design, allowing all over-travel to be taken out of the firearm while shortening your reset. Use the provided hex key to set your desired distance.

The trigger is backed by the Grayguns lifetime warranty and made from solid bar-stock steel in the USA. The Grayguns P365 Adjustable Hybrid Trigger sets the standard by which all others are judged.

P365 Adjustable Hybrid Trigger Specifications

The trigger is a drop-in, bar-stock, enhanced trigger for your SIG Sauer® P365.

Designed for demanding duty use, with the toughness to outlast your pistol, our P365 triggers are guaranteed for life.

  • Hybrid face design
  • Preserves factory sear engagement and all mechanical safety values
  • Adjustable over-travel eliminates gross movement after the sear is released and reduces trigger travel to reset
  • Smoother takeup, sear release and reset sensation
  • Proven reliable and durable for high-volume professional use
  • Limited lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship

SIG P365 Trigger Fit Guide

Our adjustable hybrid trigger fits all P365 variations, including:

  • P365
  • P365XL
  • P365-XMACRO
  • P365SAS
  • P365X

Important Notes

With our P365 Trigger installed, some third-party laser or light attachments may interfere with trigger movement. In addition, units that mount to the P365’s rail and extend higher than the inside edge of the trigger guard may not work. We will update this list as information becomes available.

  • Will work with SIG Sauer LIMA365
  • Will work with SIG Sauer FOXTROT365
  • Will not work with Crimson Trace LG-422 Laserguard®

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Package Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in

Black Oxide, Nickel


Many parts sold by Grayguns - including but not limited to triggers, trigger kits, internal components and spring kits - are intended for installation by a qualified armorer or gunsmith who is familiar with the firearm.

Although kits fit with no issues in a great majority of pistols, Grayguns cannot guarantee perfect functionality in every instance.

Due to varying tolerances present in all mass-produced firearms, professional fitting by a qualified armorer who is familiar with the pistol's action may be required.

Grayguns offers installation services for all parts kits we offer. If you have any issues or questions about the installation process, STOP IMMEDIATELY and contact the Grayguns Customer Service Team.