Action Work Pre-Order Form

If you’re interested in any of our standard action work packages for SIG Sauer® or Heckler & Koch® pistols, fill out this pre-order form to start the process.

When should I ship my pistol?

To reduce the amount of time your firearm is at Grayguns, you will receive an email from us when we are ready to start work on your firearm. At that point, you can send us your pistol or pistols right away.

What about magazines?

You may wish to send a couple of pistol magazines with your firearm. That is fine, but do not send us magazines that have a capacity of more than 10 rounds.

After completing the form, you’ll receive an auto-reply from Grayguns with instructions. Please check your spam folder if you don’t see this email.

  1. When our team receives your pre-order, we will review the request, and an estimate will be sent to you via email. This email will include an approximate date we will ask you to ship your firearm to us.
  2. Approve the estimate via email. Pistols are added to our work queue only after estimates are approved.
  3. When we are ready to receive in and begin work we will send an email notification to ship your pistol. Your gun must be received by Grayguns within 14 days, or your place in line may be lost.
  4. We will send an invoice when the work is finished and we’re ready to ship your pistol.

Action Work Pre-Order Form

Action Work Pre-Order Form

This is the standard pre-order form for customers wishing action work be done on their pistol.