Shipping Firearms

If you are sending your firearm to Grayguns, you need to read everything on this page. Carrier rules are frequently changing, and we are trying to keep this page up-to-date.

Federal law allows a gun owner to ship an unloaded firearm to Grayguns - or any other FFL holder - via a common carrier like FedEx for repair or modification and receive it back directly to your residence.

This process is lawful, but neither FedEx nor UPS will allow non-licensees to ship firearms.

FedEx rules (Page 129) do not allow those without an FFL to ship firearms.

UPS rules (Page 7, Section 3.7.1) do not allow those without an FFL to ship firearms.

We'll provide a shipping label for you

We can provide you with a FedEx shipping label for your package. The cost of shipping will be added to your invoice.

Click here for the FedEx How to ship firearms page. Note shipments containing firearms must be sent with the Adult Signature Required Delivery Signature Option.

You may be able to save money by shipping through your local FFL. See below for additional information.

Your securely packaged unloaded pistol should be taken directly to a FedEx service center for shipment. Affiliated shipping agents such as mailbox stores and copy centers are not permitted to accept firearms. You are required by law to notify the counter person of the contents of your package.

Your firearm must be shipped to your residence or your local FFL when we return it.

Unless you have an FFL, do not ship handguns to Grayguns through the US Post Office.

Our shipping address is…

97 S 7th Street
Reedsport, OR 97467

What else should I know?

  1. Check with your friendly local FFL dealer to see if they will ship your firearm to us by US Postal Mail. This may save you money.
  2. Unless an alternative arrangement exists, return shipping has been included in your estimate. For those making alternative arrangements for return shipping, the return label must be for FedEx Priority Overnight, Adult Signature Required. No exceptions. The direct signature required option is not the same and cannot be used for shipping firearms.

Pistol Magazines

You may wish to send a couple of pistol magazines with your firearm. That is fine, but do not send us magazines that have a capacity of more than 10 rounds.

What about UPS?

In Reedsport, Oregon, the FedEx service is more reliable than UPS, and we have a good relationship with the FedEx team in our area.