P-220, X-5 Internal Extractor Replacement


Internal Extractor - SIG Sauer P-220, X-5 This high-quality replacement internal extractor for certain versions of the P220, and most X5 models is offered as part of a comprehensive reliability upgrade service that includes our detailed armorer’s assessment, full feed and function work as required, machining of the slide to provide clearance for the new part, fitting, gauging, and range testing.

After many years of testing, we’ve developed a replacement part which promises to restore your balky and expensive pistol to reliability. The improved hook and bar shape, hook location, intrusion, tension, tolerances, material and heat treatment are all unique.

The small machining operation required to fit the new upgrade does not interfere with installation of the factory extractor if you want to reinstall it.

This product is not available as a drop in, or “send your slide-only” fix. To ensure reliability, we must ask for you to send your complete pistol to Grayguns for the service. We ask you complete a Action Work Pre-Order form and review our posted information on shipping firearms.

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