Reduced Reset Carry Perfection Package


HK P30 Reduced Reset PackageComprehensive action refitting and smoothing work, full feed and reliability package; gauging of safety and sear engagement values and assessment of condition; sight regulation and thorough range testing.

This package includes an internal over-travel stop as necessary and a 12lb mainspring is provided for a reduced DA trigger pull of proven reliability when tested with your carry ammo. This package includes our Proprietary Reduced Reset providing approx. 40-45 percent reduction in total trigger reset and reuptake travel while maintaining Firing Pin Block integrity and all other factory safety values. Includes refinishing of all fire control parts with Nickel PTFE for the smoothest and most durable action possible. (Note: Some parts like hammer and axle will be externally visible.)

This package can be applied to the following Heckler & Koch pistols including: HK USP, USP Compact, P2000 or P2000SK, P30, P30L, P30SK, P30S, HK45, and HK45 Compact, and is applicable to all DA/SA, SAO, LEM or DAO action variants.

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