Grayguns Staff & Gunsmiths

Bruce Gray, President

Well-respected by gunsmiths around the world, Bruce Gray offers almost 40 years of experience as an internationally respected pistol smith, professional shooter, writer and firearms consultant. Bruce is currently a California POST certified rangemaster-instructor, and is commissioned as a deputy sheriff in the State of Oregon.

Bruce is the author of OpSpec Training’s Practical Fundamentals, which encapsulates the lessons learned during his career. A career that includes holding the highest classifications in all three action shooting disciplines, NRA Action, USPSA/IPSC and IDPA. It also includes winning a number of state, regional, national as well as international titles while driving HK, SIG SAUER, 1911 and other pistol platforms.

Along with master gunsmith Bruce Gray, Grayguns includes a number of professional gunsmiths and staff members to ensure you receive excellent service.

Bruce Gray, Owner & President

Keith Hosey, Director of Gunsmithing

Keith has been with Grayguns since 2016 and started his gunsmithing career at Lassen Community College in Susanville, California.

He completed the two-year gunsmithing program and received his Associate's Degree in General Gunsmithing and Firearm Repair. He has always wanted to apprentice with a master gunsmith and become one himself. Keith looked up all the great names in the 1911 world as well as competition, one name that stood apart was Bruce Gray.

Keith feels lucky to be hired by Grayguns and begin his career as a gunsmith in 2016.


Jordon Castro, Director of Production

Jordon has been with Grayguns since 2017, and he works with our machinists and parts processors to make and finish the highest-quality parts possible. Jordon works closely with Bruce to develop new products - including 3D design - and helps with the programming of our CNC machines.

When Jordon is not working, he loves to shoot Steel Challenge and USPSA. More recently, he's enjoyed being able to help teach with Bruce and Operation Specific Training. He also enjoys spending time on rural property he owns with family members.


Darli Ozbun, Chief Financial Officer

Bruce would say Darli “squeezes money out of rocks.” in reality, she works hard as a strategic partner to ensure the company's and its employees' financial stability and continued growth. She manages the accounting and finance functions within the company, along with human resources, compliance, and legal matters. Numbers are her game.

Darli has two adult children and one grandson. When not working, she enjoys spending time with them. She enjoys hiking, beachcombing, and exploring with her husband. An adventurer at heart, Darli is open to new experiences and seeing new places. She is into sewing and crafting hobbies. With the only kid at home now being their cat Trigger, they have more time to do things together.

Darli has a Bachelor of Science in Business Accounting and a Master of Business Administration.

Alice Scheirman, Director of Dealer Sales / Inventory Manager

Ali has been with Grayguns since 2020 and is focused on growing our dealer network and helping our established dealers by providing answers and ensuring the ordering process is as smooth as possible. In her inventory management role, she is focused on accuracy and efficiency. Ali is our lead regarding our inventory software and helps train team members on the application and its benefits.

Ali loves spending time with her family. They love camping, hiking, riding ATVs, kayaking, swimming, and exploring the outdoors. They love to travel when they can all get time away. When not at work or out on an adventure, Ali loves reading books, watching movies, and running on her treadmill. She also likes to crochet, making hats and scarves, but she's gotten into more complicated fashion items, including beach dresses and summer tops.


Chris Sweeton, Customer Service Manager

Chris has been with Grayguns since 2017, and if you make a call to Grayguns, Chris is almost certainly the person you spoke to. (Chris now does have some help!)

He is very knowledgeable about the products and services we offer at Grayguns and works to ensure that if you leave a message or email us, it is routed to the right person and answered as soon as possible. Frequently, he can answer a question within a few moments and even help you install one of our triggers or other components.

As the person with the most contact with our customers, he is an important and integral part of the Grayguns team.

Kim Beckwith, Customer Service Representative

We were lucky to pick up Kim as one of our customer service reps in 2023. He has an extensive pistol competition background, which has taken him across the globe as a USA Competition Pistol Team member.

In 2020, he was selected by the NRA Competitive Shooting Division to represent the United States at the World Championships. In 2014 and 2016, he was the Senior Bianchi Cup Champion. Kim attended matches in Germany, New Zealand and the USA as a member of World Teams.

Kim does not work in our shop in Oregon; he's closer to the country's center. So, if you're looking for immediate help online, Kim is most likely the person you'll chat with via our online chat support earlier in the day. He's also helping our customer support representatives on the phone.


Penny Pereira, Customer Service Rep & Admin Assistant

Penny started with Grayguns in the summer of 2021. She loves her job at Grayguns and is interested in learning something new every day. She works hard to ensure the company continues to grow and prosper. She frequently answers customer service support emails and works with our customer service manager to help answer your questions.

Penny enjoys gardening, tye dying, bicycle riding and spending time with her husband Doug, family and friends. She loves to explore Reedsport and meet new friends in the area.


Kelly Smart, Shipping, Product Packaging, and Parts Processing

Kelly started with Grayguns in 2021, and if you've opened a package from Grayguns, chances are she has had a hand in packaging, processing, or shipping it. She strives to ensure that your order gets to you quickly, correctly, and packed with respect.

Kelly enjoys all aspects of her work at Grayguns and is interested in learning more about the parts processing and quality assurance procedures that make our products the best in the business.

When not at Grayguns, Kelly can be found working on her historical (ancient!) home or playing with her two black labs. She enjoys gardening, beachcombing, crabbing, and rustic woodworking. She's also working to be more proficient in shooting her SIG Sauer P320!

April Vaughn, Parts Processing Lead

April was welcomed into the Grayguns family in September 2020. She currently oversees our Parts Department.

Her department receives parts in the raw state and uses different types of machines and tools to make sure each and every part is up to Grayguns' high standards of quality; in both appearance and functionality.

She enjoys pitching in to help in other areas of the shop when she can, as we are a very tight-knit close team! April has learned many things during her time here at Grayguns and looks forward to learning so many more.

April is a mother of two wonderful children, a teenager and a toddler, whom she spends most of her time with when not at work. They like to play outside, swim, fish, and adventuring in the area ... or just be lazy watching TV on a Sunday. She also enjoys gardening, building and fixing things, and hanging with her friends and family.

April looks forward to building upon her career here at Grayguns, and feels very blessed and fortunate to have been invited to be a part of this AMAZING team and family.

Nick Bowles, Parts Processor

Nick's been with Grayguns since 2021 and works in our parts department, working on anything and everything in order for it to meet high-quality standards. He also helps entertain Bruce's weird and wacky ideas. He also is considered one of our apprentice gunsmiths and works closely with Bruce, Keith and Jordon.

When not working, he volunteers at his local range, aids in defense-style shooting practices, and coaches others on handgun safety and the basics. He also likes to spend time with his dog, Mauser.

“Never succumb to mediocrity.”

Wade Riffe, Shipping and Receiving

Wade started with Grayguns in early 2023 and helps ensure everything goes where it needs to go. He's also responsible for receiving and organizing incoming parts and shipments. Wade also helps organize and package the parts, preparing them to go out to you and our dealers.

When not working, Wade enjoys gaming and working on rebuilding his century-old home.