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Short reset and flat trigger

I bought the P30 with the plan to add the GG short reset and flat trigger. It was a great gun to start with but even better with the trigger work. I did some of the work myself and the GG people helped with the trigger install. Great people, great service!!!

Customer Name:JW
Firearm Make & Model:HK P30 LEM V1
Submission Date:May 26, 2023

You guys are the best

Sent in a W. German 228 to get some action work and cerakoting done. Old gun feels practically new! Did the 1,000 round test, functions great with factory and aftermarket mags. I recommend these guys for all Sig work on your ol’ hammer guns. Might send in the P320 next for some work when it needs it!

Thanks Grayguns!

Customer Name:AF
Firearm Make & Model:Sig Sauer P228
Submission Date:May 22, 2023


Found Bruce online through forums. Came highly recommended. After having work performed by Grayguns I’m able to confirm the rumors were accurate.

Work was perfect. It feels like a different pistol. Now it functions and feels how I expected it to. Zero issues.

The turnaround time was fantastic. Communication from start to finish was perfect. I have no problem recommending them for HK work. Many thanks to Bruce and his team. Will be sending any future needed work to you.

Customer Name:BrianM
Firearm Make & Model:HK P30
Submission Date:May 22, 2023

ELS/Flat Trigger Expectations Exceeded

First, a review of the procedure for purchasing the parts and service and weapon shipping. Great price on the parts and labor for this upgrade. Grayguns spells out the purchase, waiting period (time in queue waiting for your turn for service) and the shipping procedure. I followed this to the letter and so did Grayguns. I was without my firearm for 14 total, including to and from shipping. To me this was simply amazing. Grayguns service and expediency, 5 out of 5 stars.

The ELS/Flat Trigger my Sig Sauer P220 Carry is incredible. I have never felt a double action trigger pull like this and couldn’t be happier!! But to me what is even more impressive, the single action trigger reset on this adjustable travel trigger!! Holy crap!! It is so crisp and definitive, it rivals ANY striker fired system I have ever shot and that includes Glock, Sig Sauer and Smith and Wesson.

I am a Sig P220 guy from way back and always will be. I recommend with absolutely no reservations, having the Grayguns ELS and the trigger shoe of your choice, installed on your Sig Sauer P series handgun. You WILL NOT be disappointed!

Customer Name:David E.
Firearm Make & Model:Sig Sauer P220 Carr7
Submission Date:May 21, 2023

Great trigger job!

I sent in my HK P30SK for the Gray Guns reduced reset trigger job and for installation of the 4.1 trigger components too. The communication with Gray Guns was excellent, once I notified them of my interest, they let me know when to ship. Once the work was completed and payment made, it was shipped promptly. The work and trigger job was excellent, and I highly recommend them for HK work.

Customer Name:Andrew F.
Firearm Make & Model:HK P30SK
Submission Date:May 20, 2023


Grayguns took my H&K P30SK and upgraded the trigger unit. They installed a straight trigger, nickel-plated the FCU and performed an action tune-up on the trigger assembly. The reset is now short, and the trigger pull is less than stock. The result was faster shooting action. Excellent workmanship, and the end result was superb.

Customer Name:RWS
Firearm Make & Model:H&K P30SK
Submission Date:May 19, 2023

Lockwood Upper, well done Gray Guns!

I jumped in line early for the Gray Guns Lockwood upper and I have to say it was worth the wait. Fit and finish are what you would expect from custom work done by Gray Guns, perfection! Keith kept me updated when there were delays (no fault of Gray Guns) and I even received a personal call from Bruce Gray and had a very pleasant and interesting conversation.

I always felt like they really cared and that this was more than business, it was a personal goal to deliver excellence. I put thousands of rounds through the Lockwood upper in matches and in practice and I honestly feel it has made an improvement in my scores and confidence. Once I found the right ammo and spring combo (which is true for any competition gun), the complete gun has been flawless!

The gun feels well balanced and just adds a level of confidence I never had before. When the buzzer goes off, I’m ready to go to work! Thanks Bruce, Keith and everyone at Gray Guns.

Customer Name:Stephen C.
Firearm Make & Model:SIG Sauer P320 Max with Lockwood Slide
Submission Date:May 19, 2023


I had the ELS Trigger installed. What a great shooter.

Customer Name:Brian C.
Firearm Make & Model:Sig P220 Carry SAO
Submission Date:May 18, 2023

Long term satisfied client

I have sent several HKs to Grayguns over the past decade and have always been impressed by their high quality work and parts. Their team has been consistently responsive, helpful and accommodating. They continue to be my trusted go-to place for any work on my HKs.

Customer Name:Mike S
Firearm Make & Model:HK p30, HK p30L
Submission Date:May 18, 2023

Another great job

This is the second P320 I have had competition trigger work performed. Both guns were excellent and above expectations.

You feel like you are really important to Gray Guns.

Customer Name:MrOverlay
Firearm Make & Model:P320
Submission Date:May 18, 2023

Quality work

The HKP7 is a great weapon, but finding someone to work on it has been a mission. Bruce Gray has a reputation for excellence, so when I found out he had a gunsmith that worked on the P7, it was a done deal. Yes, there is a wait, and quality work is not cheap, but it was well worth it. Communication from Gray’s was excellent, letting me know when they received the firearm, when it hit the bench, when complete and when shipped out. They truly exceeded expectations.

Customer Name:Stuart S.
Firearm Make & Model:HKP7
Submission Date:May 17, 2023

LEM perfection

I sent in my HK P30SKs, and P30L for the reduced reset package on all three. Follow-up shots are much easier and faster with less opportunity to disturb my sight picture. I love the LEM trigger for concealed carry, and this makes it that much better. Overall, I’m very happy with the finished package.

Customer Name:VW
Firearm Make & Model:HK P30SK, HK P30L
Submission Date:May 15, 2023


Sent in two P226 Legions with Bar-Sto Match Grade Barrels for fitting. Flawless execution!

Later, I sent in a P229 Legion for an MRDS cut in the slide and fitting for a SIG Romeo Pro RDS—also, another Bar-Sto Match Grade Barrel. Needless to say, after some hiccups, the pistol arrived in flawless condition.

Customer Name:TDD
Firearm Make & Model:SIG P226 Legion & SIG P229 Legion
Submission Date:May 15, 2023

Best upgrade to a Hk

I used Gray Guns to install and trigger rest system on my P30SK; however, I was unhappy with the stock Hk trigger. I gave that gun to my wife and purchased a P30SKS as I like to have a manual safety on my pistols (I also own a couple of USP pistols.) When I received the SKS, I immediately sent it off to Gray Guns to have the SRS and Flat Trigger installed. I couldn’t be happier with those upgrades. I plan to send my UPS45CT to Gray Guns to have the SRS and Flat Trigger installed. If that works out the same way my P30s worked out, I’ll also send my USP9C in for work. Not a big Sig fan, but GG’s work on my HKs makes them my go-to vendor for pistol upgrades.

Customer Name:GPapison
Firearm Make & Model:Hk P30SK and P30SKS
Submission Date:May 15, 2023

Excellent work!

The four pistols I listed were all sent to Gray for EDC combat carry work, and all are superbly smooth, functional and, above all, ultra-reliable. Chris the gunsmith is the point man at the shop and will answer all questions and, in my opinion technically proficient with all of my firearms.

My Hk USP now has a LEM trigger installed by Gray and its gunsmith. Superbly accurate and reliable. The nickel PTFE process on all handguns is a must. The crew at Gray’s is first-rate. My wife will not shoot my firearms unless it’s been to Gray’s .

Thank you for the tremendous gunsmith work. I highly recommend Gray’s.

From our Customer Service Team:Cowboy, thank you for the review! Chris is our lead customer service representative who is very knowledgeable about our products and services. He spends all day on the phone helping our customers, and he's a very important member of the team, but not one of our gunsmiths.
Customer Name:Cowboy
Firearm Make & Model:Sig 220, sig 226, Hk 2000, Hk usp
Submission Date:May 14, 2023