Current Wait Time

Updated May 1, 2023

Thank you for considering Grayguns for your pistol’s action work or custom tuning. Our current wait time is an estimate for standard action work for the pistols we service. Wait times for custom work is not posted, but you can contact Grayguns for a consultation. We do update our wait times twice a month.

We have a process that reduces how long your firearm is at Grayguns. Instead of shipping your gun to us immediately, you will receive an email when we are ready to start work on your firearm.

DescriptionTime in QueueTime in Shop
SIG Sauer® Action Work
Traditional DA/SA Pistols
12 to 16 weeks3 to 5 Weeks
SIG Sauer P320 Competition Action Work
For any variant of the P320 including X-Five
3 to 5 weeks3 to 5 Weeks
SIG P365 Action Work3 to 4 Weeks6 to 8 Weeks
HK® Action Work
Time in shop includes time for nickel teflon coating, which is an outside service.
3 to 4 Weeks6 to 8 Weeks
HK P7 Action WorkContact UsContact Us

Time in Queue: Submit your Action Work Pre-Order Form today, and we will contact you after your "Time in Queue."

Time in Shop: This is the approximate time your gun will be in-house being worked on by our team.

Important Note

The above time are estimates based on standard requests for action work when your Action Work Pre-Order Form is filled out today. If you completed the form previously, your estimated wait time may have been shorter or longer.

Outside vendor work, refinishing, tough-to-source sight packages, and other custom requests will require additional time not included in the estimates provided above. 

Wait times for action work