Born from the Bruiser Industries SIG Sauer P210A program, Grayguns released the first of our premium aftermarket components for the platform in February 2022. Although the full pistol builds are all spoken for, we are thrilled to release some premium components for your P210.

You may see some components used in the full-custom builds in the future, but we are first launching the P210 Adjustable Straight Trigger and Extended Magazine Release. Our custom Hogue G10 P210 Grips continue to be available.

Bruce Gray
President, Grayguns

Bruce Gray

About the Grayguns Bruiser P210A Program

In 2019, NAVY Chief Petty Officer (Ret.) Joe Dawson reached out to us with a vision. A flat-out, no compromise, top-quality American manufactured SIG P210A with the modern ergonomics, extreme shootability and practical features of the best high-end custom 1911 builds.

In short, the chief thought the P210A could use a "few" things. He wanted to bring a limited number of exclusive pistols to the market. The new components would improve upon the European P210 originals for ergonomic and mechanical function, materials, fit and finish.

Untold hours of mind-bending reimagining, invention and CAD design work resulted in a beautiful hand-crafted pistol. Word-of-mouth resulted in the originally planned 50 pistols being sold out within weeks.

Those 50 custom builds are still in process today. This special project ensured the custom components - designed and manufactured by the team at Grayguns and our partners - would be available for customers who already have, or will have a German or USA made SIG P210A.

What might you see in the future? This is still to be determined. Additional components are included in the full pistol builds, but honestly it may not be cost-effective to bring them to production.

We do expect roll out of our standard hammers and a premium guide rod system to happen soon. Our adjustable short reset fire control system, safety levers, slide lock levers and magwell kits - all included with the full builds - are something we may consider for the future.

We hope you think Joe's vision of a hard use duty bruiser and brawler P210A is as cool as we do. For those of you with either German or USA made Legends, Targets or Super Target variants, these parts are for you.