P320 Adjustable Hybrid Trigger Kit – Competition

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The Grayguns P320 Adjustable Hybrid Trigger System for the SIG Sauer® P320 is a drop-in, enhanced aftermarket trigger package with competition sear for your P320 that reduces trigger weight as low as 4 pounds while preserving all mechanical safety values. Includes our hybrid trigger, with built-in over-travel adjustment.

They are designed explicitly for P320s with current fire control unit components or those who have gone through SIG’s Voluntary Upgrade Program. This system is for competition or range use only.

Available in standard black oxide. Occasionally available in Titanium nitride (TiN) Gold, Nickel PTFE, Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Blue, or PVD Coyote finish.

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The new Grayguns P320 Adjustable Hybrid Trigger Competition Kit delivers our custom action work’s unequaled smooth feel and hot performance in a cleverly engineered drop-in kit.

Paired with Bruce Gray’s exclusive hybrid trigger design, this is the most advanced drop-in competition system available for all post/Voluntary Upgrade P320 models.

The P320 Competition Trigger system is intended for installation by an armorer, gunsmith, or skilled individual familiar with the P320 fire control unit.

Exclusive Grayguns Elements Included

  • Our newly designed hybrid trigger with built-in over-travel adjustment (The over-travel sleeve is no longer included)
  • Precision-ground custom sear, polished and finished in hard nickel PTFE. Specifically designed for competition or range use only.
  • One set of Grayguns’ original competition sear springs
  • One set of intermediate competition sear springs
  • One Grayguns’ original competition light trigger bar spring
  • One intermediate trigger bar spring (between our competition light and factory weight)
  • Micro-polished, extended safety lever pin

If you prefer, you can send your pistol to Grayguns for our P320 Competition Action Package, where we will install and tune it for you.

P320 Adjustable Hybrid Trigger System Specifications and Features

  • Specifically intended for use only in P320s that have gone through SIG’s Voluntary Upgrade Program.
  • Reduces trigger pull weight to suit your preferences, with additional springs provided to yield custom pull weights.
  • Adjustable over-travel, stops at an optimum trigger face angle
  • Smoother takeup and clean release sensation, with a clean reset
  • Preserves factory sear face engagement height and mechanical safety values
  • Proven reliable and durable for high-volume professional use
  • Limited lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship


Black Oxide

  • Standard blued finish

Titanium Nitride (TiN)

A well-proven standard layer type through its balanced properties. The golden titanium nitride layer, abbreviated TiN, indicates the following properties:

  • High hardness and adhesion
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good temperature resistance in air
  • Relatively low thermal conductivity
  • Attractive, golden color

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)

This state-of-the-art process creates a molecular bond to the trigger, resulting in a durable finish. The PVD finish should not rust, discolor or tarnish.

Nickel PTFE

Electroless Nickel PTFE (Teflon®) is an advanced, self-lubricating, composite coating with PTFE particles co-deposited in the electroless nickel layer. Provides a hard, uniform, self-lubricating coating for our premium aftermarket triggers.

Competition Kit Fit Guide

Fits all variations within the P320 (upgraded) system, including but not limited to the following models.

  • Standard P320, M17 and M18
  • XSeries models
  • XFive Legion
  • P320-XTEN
  • P320 MAX
  • X-VTAC
  • P320 Spectre Comp
  • P320 AXG models

Additional information

Weight N/A
Package Dimensions N/A
Trigger Finish

Black Oxide, TiN Gold, PVD Blue, PVD Coyote, Nickel

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  1. Jorge Ruiz

    Best trigger upgrade for p320 x5 legion.

    Jorge Ruiz (verified owner)

    This competition trigger kit makes the trigger pull and reset a lot more sensitive and smooth than the stock trigger, great adjustability with the trigger and two choices for competition or intermediate level.
    Very easy to install if you’re handy with small parts, it really improves your shooting by 40% in my opinion. It’s a no brainer if you want to make the best out of your trigger control.

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  2. Joshua Rueda


    Joshua Rueda (verified owner)

    If youre not well versed in working on firearms, have a qualified gunsmith/armorer do the work. The outcome is an amazongly smooth trigger with a crisp break and super short reset. Exactly what most competitive shooters are looking for. This drop in unit is perfect.

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  3. One person found this helpful

    Significant improvement over stock.

    john-2653 (verified owner)

    This kit is sort of two products sold together, the hybrid trigger (sold separately) and the rest of the kit.

    The hybrid trigger itself is excellent. Folks who don’t like flat triggers but also don’t like an excessive curve to their trigger, this shape is for us. It provides significantly more leverage than the base Sig trigger (which is the only one I have an apples to apples comparison with) and better construction than many of the other triggers I’ve seen. The p320 doesn’t really have excessive overtravel, but the adjustment allows complete elimination of what there is.

    The rest of the kit is also an improvement. Some creep is kind of inherent in the p320 sear design. The Grayguns sear reduces it. I’m using the lightest sear springs with it and I polished the interface surface on the striker and the sear pin where the sear rides on it, which has improved the feel of the break quite a bit. I’ve also polished the trigger bar and portion of the frame that the trigger bar rides against, as well as the interface between the bar and the disconnector, and all interfaces on the safety lever (the part that moves up to press the safety plunger on the slide assembly) which, combined with the polished safety pin that comes with the kit, has significantly reduced the friction built into the system. While the lightweight return spring does work, I’m running the intermediate return spring because I’m willing to trade a little extra pull for the more positive reset. It’s worth experimenting to find what works for you.

    I’ve also polished the safety plunger in the striker assembly where it rides on the striker housing and installed a lighter weight spring there. The friction reduction combined with this kit has changed my trigger from having four distinct pull phases (initial takeup, where the safety lever is moving but has not yet contacted the plunger, where the safety lever depresses the plunger but the trigger bar hasn’t engaged the sear yet, and the wall where the trigger actuates the sear) to a much more conventional two-stage feeling pull (pre-travel to the wall then break.)

    The P320 is a neat design but there are a lot of elements of it that work against producing a smooth, light, conventional feeling trigger. A lot of smoothness just requires elbow grease, but notably reducing the pull weight and creep requires parts changes. This kit provides all the parts you need (except maybe a lighter safety plunger spring), and even saves you some elbow grease. I can’t recommend it enough.

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  4. Robert Boettcher

    P320 Competition Hybrid Trigger System

    Robert Boettcher (verified owner)

    The trigger system was a nice improvement to my Sig. It significantly reduced trigger weight and allowed fine tuning of the trigger stop/reset. One recommendation I would add is a detailed explanation of the parts and their function.

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  5. Gary D


    Gary D (verified owner)

    This trigger kit makes a world of difference. Went from about 6.75lbs to 3.25lbs. If you are doing competitive shooting you should absolutely consider buying this.

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    Much better feel

    JEFFREY JAJE (verified owner)

    Besides a better trigger pull, I actually prefer the contour and width of this curved trigger.
    The parts are pretty easy to install, and the kit allows for a couple of different spring options.
    Once done, a lot of the sponginess of the stock trigger is gone, with a much improved trigger pull and feel.

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  7. markvogel1992


    markvogel1992 (verified owner)

    Super easy to install. While I had it apart I polished up the trigger bar. The trigger is pretty awesome mine is currently at 2.2lbs was 3.3lbs stock.

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Many parts sold by Grayguns - including but not limited to triggers, trigger kits, internal components and spring kits - are intended for installation by a qualified armorer or gunsmith who is familiar with the firearm.

Although kits fit with no issues in a great majority of pistols, Grayguns cannot guarantee perfect functionality in every instance.

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