Match-Grade SIG P320 9mm Bull Barrel


This Match-Grade P320 Bull Barrel includes precision fitting and test firing by Grayguns. The purchase requires the customer to send your firearm to Grayguns.

This is a 5-inch bull barrel custom-manufactured by Faxon to meet Grayguns’ specifications.

Customers must send their complete firearm to Grayguns. The price includes return shipping to your home address via FedEx, with an adult signature required. Ensure you read our Shipping Firearms page.
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Your new match-grade barrel will feature very tight tolerances. The specifications we have requested from Faxon allow our gunsmiths to custom-fit the barrel to your slide.

Our P320 Match-Grade Barrel has been redesigned to reduce barrel float during unlocking and cycling. If you’re looking for precision accuracy, this is an excellent upgrade.

The P320 Match-Grade Barrel fits tighter within the slide and fire control unit. This reduces barrel play and improves the lockup between the barrel and slide. This precise fit minimizes movement during the firing sequence, resulting in more consistent shot placement and tighter groupings.

The barrel can not be ordered as a stand-alone item and sent to you. This is not a drop-in barrel. You’ll need to send your gun in to have the barrel fitted to the slide you will use.

Important Ordering Information

If your order includes additional items in the cart, those items will ship with your firearm after the barrel fit is completed. (Everything will ship together.) Please place a separate order if you prefer to have the other items in your cart shipped earlier.

Match-Grade SIG P320 Barrel Features

  • The P320 barrel features a 1:10″ twist ratio, designed to stabilize 115-grain through 147-grain bullets
  • The barrel is made from 416R Stainless Steel, which is very appropriate for a match-grade, precision barrel
  • Each barrel has a bead blast finish

Additional information


XFive (5") P320 9mm


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Although kits fit with no issues in a great majority of pistols, Grayguns cannot guarantee perfect functionality in every instance.

Due to varying tolerances present in all mass-produced firearms, professional fitting by a qualified armorer who is familiar with the pistol's action may be required.

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