Difference between P320 Modern Classic & Lockwood Slides

grayguns p320 custom slidesGrayguns introduced our Modern Classic and Lockwood slide designs for the SIG Sauer® P320 in the summer of 2022. (Simultaneously, we released our P365 and P365XL Modern Classic slides.)

Both P320 top-end assemblies are comparable in mass balance and have hand-fitted enhanced-lockup Grayguns barrels. You'll find these barrels, matched with either slide, have great features.

  • Yield inherent accuracy
  • Shoot comparatively soft, fast, and flat
  • Have pleasant sight return characteristics

The accuracy of our P320 custom slides is consistently reported as being somewhere between excellent and off-the-chain ridiculous.

They are equal in durability and reliability, and I guarantee these builds for life (with a few reasonable caveats).

The differences are primarily aesthetic, and both models proudly feature things they do not have. I'll explain.

The Isaac Lockwood P320 Slide is grippy and looks tres moderne et joli, but we wisely knew where to stop. A Lockwood isn't over-machined, so it won't chew up your hands and holsters like a giant Stanley® wood rasp. It won't punish you with sharp recoil and extraction problems caused by excessive slide velocity, nor will it crack and fail through all the crazily faceted lightning cuts and ports it neither needs nor has.

On the other hand, I designed the Modern Classic line to reflect my conservative GigaFudd old-school pistolsmith aesthetic. The 4.7" Bull Barrel model does everything the 4.7" Bull Lockwood does in a retro-futurist style.

Both model lines are very popular. So, which do you like?

Bruce Gray

P320 Full Size (4.7") Custom Slide Options

The Grayguns P320 Full-Size (4.7") Bull Barrel Slides include:

  • Custom slide, machined in-house by the Grayguns team
  • Custom-designed and hand-fitted 9mm bull barrel (Serialized match between slide and barrel)
  • Grayguns Guide Rod and Spring, and all slide internals.
  • Cut for a variety of red dots, including the Romeo3 Max, Romeo1 Pro and Trijicon RMR

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