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New Competition Action Package, Rear Sight & Guide Rod for P320

Grayguns Sight P320

The new SIG Sauer® P320 has captured the imaginations of shooters like nothing else in recent years, and we understand why. With outstanding ergonomics, unmatched accuracy and a great 7-pound trigger, it’s ready for duty right out of the box and an unbeatable value. These same attributes make the P320 a perfect choice for competition…

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Grayguns range report for the SIG SAUER P320

P320 Carry Action Trigger Job

Howdy! Roy and I each obtained full-size SIG Sauer® P320 9mm pistols for research and development testing here at Grayguns. We’ve come up with a killer trigger system for it based on an idea Roy pursued, but that’s a subject for another time. Obviously, we are accuracy-oriented shooters, and we have our sights set on…

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OpSpec Training to visit SIG Sauer Academy in March

I’m very much looking forward to joining Jerry Jones next month at the SIG Sauer Academy in Epping, NH for a two-day Practical Fundamentals class and a one-day Pistol Skill Builder program. If you live in New England, SIG Sauer Academy is a great training facility offering student discounts while you’re at the class, and you can…

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Grayguns DIY Action Upgrade Spring Kits

Please Read Before Ordering! Each Grayguns Do It Yourself Action Upgrade Spring Kit includes the same components used in our proven-reliable custom SIG Sauer® action work. Our top-quality springs have been designed to provide superior performance, safety and durability.

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Photos from GGI Heckler & Koch P7 M8 custom work

While catching up on our custom-gun backlog, we’ve been finishing a number of H&K P7 projects lately. We’ve had requests to post some pics of our current P7 work, so with your indulgence here’s a few snapshots of an M8 that Torie and I just completed for a good and patient customer from Ohio.

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Physics and short .45 caliber pistols – a discussion

Let’s discuss some of the factors affecting the functioning of pistols in general, and short 45’s in particular. To contribute to this discussion, head over to SigForum and join in. Let’s imagine a theoretical pistol, say a .45 caliber firing a given load, in which magazine timing efficiency and lockup were basically constant values. This…

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