Grayguns releases Modern Classic Commander Hammer

Grayguns releases Modern Classic Commander Hammer

Published Oct. 18, 2023

Grayguns® released the new Modern Classic™ Commander Hammer that fits a wide range of classic SIG Sauer® P-Series DA/SA pistols on October 17.

Close-up of sig hammer in DA modeReedsport, Ore. (Oct. 18, 2023) The SIG Sauer P-Series traditional double-action platform is one of the most recognizable in the firearms industry. SIG refreshed the line with the introduction of the Legion models, and Grayguns has more great news for fans and owners of these SIG pistols.

The P-Series Modern Classic Commander Hammer completes Bruce Gray’s vision of a full lineup of premium aftermarket upgrade components for the classic DA/SA series of pistols. The hammer works with all Grayguns components.

The P-Series Modern Classic Commander Hammer is also compatible with the popular Hogue® Grayguns custom grip panels for P226, P229, and P228.

The hammer features advanced, proprietary geometry to provide the smoothest double-action pull. It’s designed to work best with the Grayguns Enhanced Leverage System (ELS) and Custom Strut. It also provides for a very clean single-action break.

“We originally designed the hammer’s shape more than ten years ago, and hundreds were made and installed for customers who sent in their gun for in-house builds,” said Bruce Gray, president and founder of Grayguns Inc. “I had the dual adjustable trigger’s design in my head, along with the ELS. Priorities focused on those components, and I’m thrilled to get our Modern Classic Commander Hammer available to our customers.”

Like all Grayguns premium upgrade parts, the hammer is designed to be dropped in and installed by an armorer or enthusiast familiar with the pistol. It is fully compatible with almost all SIG P-Series DA/SA pistols, including the P226, P220, P229, P228 and many others. The hammer is not compatible with the P239 or original Browning BDA P220. The Fit Guide for the hammer is available on the Grayguns website.

“We’ve had tremendous success and feedback from our customers who purchased our ELS, strut and short reset trigger kit,” said Gray. “The hammer is not an inexpensive part to machine, and I knew it needed to provide exceptional results for those who were already very happy with the Grayguns components in their gun. The new hammer will exceed expectations.”

The hammer’s design has been featured at many events in past years, including SIG’s Range Days and the grand opening of the SIG Experience Center in Epping, N.H. Buyers will find the hammer is perfectly machined, hand-honed, expertly finished in Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) and guaranteed for life.

The Modern Classic Commander Hammer is available at the Grayguns website and will be available at Grayguns dealers in the United States soon. For more information on Grayguns, visit

Grayguns P-Series SIG Hammer Fit Guide

The Grayguns Modern Classic Commander Hammer fits the following pistols.

  • P226
  • P226 X-Five
  • P228
  • P229
  • P220
  • P225
  • P225-A1
  • P6
  • P245
  • P224
  • P227

About Grayguns & Bruce Gray

Located in Reedsport, Oregon, Grayguns Inc. is the leading custom gunsmith shop for SIG Sauer and Heckler & Koch® pistols in the United States. Grayguns is proud to be a technical consultant to SIG Sauer, the world's premier gunmaker. Grayguns offers a variety of precision upgrade components for firearms and custom action work on various pistols suited to law enforcement duty, carry and competition use.

Bruce Gray, president of Grayguns, has been an internationally respected pistol smith, professional shooter, writer and firearms consultant since 1976. Bruce is a California POST certified rangemaster-instructor and sworn Oregon peace officer. Bruce is the author of Operation Specific Training’s Practical Fundamentals course, which encapsulates the lessons learned during his career. Bruce’s competitive career includes holding the highest classifications in three action shooting disciplines: National Rifle Association (NRA) Action Pistol, USPSA and International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA). It also includes winning several state, regional, national and international awards and titles while driving SIG SAUER, HK, 1911 and other pistol platforms.

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