Brass Base Pads


Our Brass Base Pads are perfect for competitors looking to add weight to their pistol. As compared to our 6061 Aluminum pads with anodized coating for the P320 or P226, the Brass Base Pads are significantly heavier; more than triple the weight.

The Brass Base Pads are currently available for the P320.

Although these base pads are a bit “softer” and will show scratches and dents with use, we expect the same extra-long service life as our aluminum base pads.

Discounted pricing ($3 off each) available when you purchase three or more. The discount will show in your cart.

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Weight Comparison

  • Grayguns Brass Base Pads (P320 Extended Pad) – 3.75 ounces
  • Grayguns Brass Base Pads (P320 Standard) – 1.1 ounce
  • Grayguns Hard Duty Use Aluminum Pads – About 1 ounce
  • OEM base pads – About .20 ounces

For USPSA Production, ensure you weigh your setup to ensure you are under the maximum weight limit. 

Each pad features a 3-by-5 matrix. Number your mags using a Sharpie or paint pen. Additional space is available to write your initials.

Fit Guide

These base pads are designed to work with full-size magazines in X-Series grip modules with – and without – the magwell installed. Will work with 21-round magazines and will work with standard P320 grip modules.

Base pads are compatible with new SIG P320 magazines with the square pegs. (See product photos.) Do you have the base plates with the round peg? If yes, you’ll need to purchase a P320 Inner Base Plate – Square Peg for each of your magazines.

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