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SIG Sauer P320 Armorer’s Block

P320 Armorer's Block

Limited edition custom armorer’s block for the SIG Sauer® P320. Designed by the team at Grayguns to assist qualified armorers when upgrading components, adding spring kits and completing work on the striker assembly.

Facilitates disassembly and assembly of the P320’s fire control unit (FCU). Two-sided to allow for removal and installation of one-way pins in the FCU.

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EDC Straight Optimized Trigger System for SIG P-Series

Specifically designed for the SIG Sauer® classic P-Series DA/SA pistols (not DAO/DAK). The Enhanced Daily Carry (EDC) with Straight Optimized Trigger (SOT) reduces DA and SA pull weights with dramatically improved pull characteristics.

This system consists of our new SOT mated to a enhanced, custom-designed trigger bar.

Two Versions

  • For SIG Sauer P226, P229 and P228 DA/SA pistols with DAK compatible frame window cut
  • For SIG Sauer P226, P229 and P228 DA/SA pistols with non-DAK compatible frame window cut

Ensure you read the detailed description below to order the correct version.

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Grayguns Home

Featured Products Grayguns P320 Trigger Exchange Program The program is for customers who purchased our Practical Enhanced Leverage Trigger (PELT), or sent their P320 to Grayguns for action enhancements. We also have published videos on how to remove your trigger. Trigger Exchange Program Details Grayguns on Instagram Follow on Instagram Grayguns News New laser-sculpted P365 grip…

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P320 Trigger Exchange Program

P320 Trigger Exchange Program [Spray, Oregon – Jan. 18, 2018] Today, Grayguns sent updated information to customers concerning the SIG Sauer® P320 Voluntary Upgrade.  We are now starting the exchange program.  These customers purchased Practical Enhanced Leverage Trigger (PELT) for the SIG P320 from Grayguns, an authorized dealer, or sent their P320 to Grayguns for action…

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Hard-Duty SIG P320 Magazine Base Pads

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Hard Duty Use SIG P320 Magazine Base Pads

P320 base pads

Looking for Hard Duty Use replacement base pads for your SIG Sauer® P320?

These custom Grayguns HDU pads have been built for military and law enforcement use. Designed by Mike Grasso and our LE Team to be repeatedly dropped on concrete or asphalt hundreds of times, they are a perfect upgrade for the OEM plastic base pads.

Also appropriate for competition and shooting enthusiasts looking for a quality, durable upgrade.

Backwards compatible with all versions of P320 modules, including the standard and xSeries with or without the extended magwell installed.

Two versions available

  • Standard Version – Designed for the XSeries without the magwell. Also works with the P320 module.
  • Extended Magwell Version – Designed for the full-size magazine in a XSeries with the magwell. Also works with 21-round magazines and fits the standard P320.

Base pads are compatible with new SIG P320 magazines with the square pegsDo you have the base plates with the round peg? If yes, you’ll need to purchase a P320 Inner Base Plate – Square Peg for each of your magazines.

Discount available when you buy three or more base pads! ($15 each instead of $18 each.) The discount is shown in the cart prior to checkout.

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Grayguns AIWB/IWB Holster

Custom holster from Grayguns for the SIG Sauer P365 pistol. Wear in the appendix, inside-the-waistband position or at the 3-4 o’clock position – your choice. This custom-designed P365 holster a collaboration between PHLster Holster, Henry Holsters and Mike Grasso from Grayguns.

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