Rushing retains Louisiana Bullseye State Championship

rushing-louisiana-state-20161001-01Last weekend, Tracie Rushing headed to the 2016 Louisiana State Conventional Pistol Championships to shoot a National Rifle Association (NRA) sanctioned Bullseye Pistol Competition at the Southwest Louisiana Rifle & Pistol Club in Lake Charles. Rushing finished as High Lady, retaining her title from 2015.

“Recently, most competitors have been shooting bullseye matches with a red dot at distances of 25 and 50-yards,” said Rushing. “I continue to shoot with iron sites for all of my pistols, which makes it more challenging, and more rewarding.”

The NRA Outdoor Pistol Competition (Bullseye) match is a one-handed pistol competition shot from 25 and 50-yards. Competitors shoot Rimfire (.22LR) and Centerfire (9mm & .45) pistols during the timed match. During the match, Rushing shot her SIG SAUER P226 X-Five in 9mm, with custom action trigger enhancements by Grayguns, and a Grayguns P-Series Short External Extractor.

rushing-louisiana-state-20161001-02“The Southwest Louisiana Rifle and Pistol Club is one of my favorite ranges to shoot on,” Rushing said. “The facilities are top-notch, but it’s the people who make it so great. We don’t have bullseye matches in Arkansas, but they always take my under their wing and help me out.”

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