The cure for the plastic Sig Sauer guide rod

So, why do we consider the Grayguns rods the best? Our beautifully finished and tough FAT rods set the replacement standard for solid stainless-steel P-series Sig Sauer guide rods.

ggi-guide-rodsWe’ve expanded our popular line to include both polished stainless and Super Black rods for the following pistols: P239, P220/226, P228/229, P6/225, SIG Pro, and P250 Compact 9mm/.40.

Here are three reasons why we think the Grayguns guide rods are the best available for your Sig Sauer pistol:

  1. Grayguns guide rods are turned from top-grade 17-4 stainless stock and carefully heat treated to our specifications to prevent damage, ringing or galling. We have over 30 years experience designing top quality guide rods.
  2. Grayguns FAT guide rods for P-series pistols are made to maximum diameter to properly support factory braided recoil springs for extended service life, and to fit aftermarket single strand springs reliably without risk of damage from coil-jumping. Our SIG Pro, P239 and P250 hard rods are also made to maximum diameter for reliable, smooth function.
  3. Like all Grayguns products, our rods are American made and guaranteed for life.

New low guide rod prices!

  • Bright Polished Stainless Steel – $25
  • Exclusive Grayguns Super Black Finished Stainless Steel – $30

Order your’s online today.