Custom Laser-Sculpted Grip Modules

As a custom service, you can now send your SIG Sauer X-Series, P365 or P365 XL grip modules in for custom laser-sculpting and optional finishing.

All modules are laser-sculpted with our exclusive and unique Grayscale pattern which is 50 percent deeper than standard but still retains enough smoothness in areas to allow the weapon to move against clothing. Custom means unique, and you will see subtle differences in the pattern layout when comparing modules.

If you'd like a custom color, the modules are sent to the experts at DK Custom Coatings in Ohio for a Cerakote™ finish of your choice.

Please do read the important notes below.

Customize SIG grip modules

Available Cerakote Colors

Color swatches below are a representation of the colors we have available. Colors appear different depending on screen settings, and may not exactly represent what your module will look like. Swatches courtesy the Cerakote color coatings chart.

Before you complete this form, you may want to check to see if we have a module in-stock that you like!

Laser-Sculpted Modules



  • Laser-sculpting only for X-Series P320s, P365 or P365XL - $50
  • Laser-sculpting only for X-Series TXG module (Cerakote not available) - $85
  • Laser-sculpting with single color Cerakote - $130

Custom and camo options are available by request. Let us know your vision when completing the form, or contact us.

If you're looking for Cerakote-only services, contact DK Custom Coatings directly.

Important Notes

  • Turn-around-time is approximately 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Each module is processed individually. Occasionally, the pattern may be misaligned or a laser power surge may result in a finished product that is not up to our standards. This may increase the time it takes to finish your module.
  • Grip modules should be new or like-new for best results.
  • We are unable to customize grip modules that have been previously modified in any way.
  • We are not accepting standard P320 grip modules for laser-sculpting, only X-Series modules.
  • We can laser-sculpt modules with manual safety cuts.
  • Services include laser-sculpting and Cerakote finish, or laser-sculpting. For Cerakote-only services, please contact DK Custom Coatings directly.