SIG P-Series ELS (Enhanced Leverage System)

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Specifically designed for the SIG Sauer® classic P-Series DA/SA or DAO pistols (not DAK). The ELS (Enhanced Leverage System) reduces DA and SA pull weights with dramatically improved pull characteristics.

Consists of our Straight or Hybrid Trigger – with dual adjustability for over-travel and pre-travel – mated to an enhanced, Custom-Designed Trigger Bar.

The system is compatible with both DAK compatible or non-DAK compatible frames. Ensure you select the correct version.
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Specifically designed for SIG Sauer Classic P-Series DA/SA or DAO pistols (not DAK). The ELS (Enhanced Leverage System) – with options for a Straight or Hybrid Trigger – is the next innovation from Grayguns. Triggers feature dual adjustability for over-travel and pre-travel. The trigger kit reduces double action and single action pull weights with dramatically improved pull characteristics without changing springs or spring weight.

This system consists of our proprietary Straight or Hybrid Trigger with enhanced geometry features mated to a custom-designed trigger bar. In addition, multiple drop-in options are available to tune your action for your specific requirements.

Fit Guide

The Enhanced Leverage System Straight Optimized Trigger can be installed – as a drop-in –  in the classic, P-series SIG Sauer DA/SA or DAO pistols including:

  • P226
  • P229
  • P228

Do you have a DA/SA or DAO P220 or P227? We can install the ELS as a in-house service. Click here to get started.

Will not work with DAK trigger systems. The DAK references above is specific to the window frame cut, and not the DAK trigger system.

Technical Specifications

The Grayguns proprietary enhanced leverage geometry reduces pull weight approximately 25 percent without compromising reliability or factory safety values.

Each Grayguns enhanced-geometry trigger bar is micro polished for superior smoothness and perfectly timed function.

The trigger kit is engineered to provide several key benefits:

  • Reduces the pull weight of double and single action without the need for spring replacements.
  • Adjustable over-travel screw to fine-tune and reduce over-travel
  • Adjustable pre-travel screw to fine-tune and reduced pre-travel
  • Maintains all factory safety functions.

The kit is 100 percent American made from precision machined heat treated tool steel. Parts are hand-finished with the quality you have come to expect from Grayguns.

Important Version Information

Due to different window frame cuts, you must inspect the frame of your P226, P229 or P228 DA/SA pistol to determine which version to order.

  • P226, P229 and P228 pistols with DAK compatible frame window cut
  • P226, P229 and P228 pistols with non-DAK compatible frame window cut

This can only be purchased as a complete system and requires the trigger and trigger bar in order to function.

Note – The trigger may not be fully compatible with California compliant or similar P-series pistol models equipped with a magazine disconnector, and Grayguns urges caution. We do not recommend deactivating any mechanical safety device. 

Additional information


Straight Trigger (DAK Compatible), Straight Trigger (Non-DAK Compatible), P220, Hybrid Trigger (DAK Compatible), Hybrid Trigger (Non-DAK Compatible)

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  1. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful

    P226 ELS System

    wcaruthers (verified owner)

    I have a mid 80s German manufactured P226 that is a beloved member of my collection. I was looking for a way to mitigate first shot DA pull without impacting the stone cold reliability this firearm has always demonstrated. I have been aware of Grayguns products and saw the new ELS trigger system. Finally came my turn on the wait list and purchased it. The install went fairly smoothly with some excellent coaching by Dennis and Keith that I am grateful for. Ran about 300 rounds with the new system and it has been everything i could have wished for. Easier first round DA pull, fast resets with no degradation in reliability that I can observe.

    It was everything I could wish for. The product quality is exceptional.

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  2. One person found this helpful

    P229 ELS

    babue7359 (verified owner)

    Amazing results for a drop in kit. I wanted to lighten the double action pull but the cost of shipping a firearm back and forth kept me from sending the gun off. The ELS kit lighted the double action pull and smoothed it up. I do not have a gauge but the original pull felt like 12 pounds and adding the ELS kit and a 19 pound spring, I also bought from Gray Guns, dropped it to what feels like 9 pounds.
    The single action pull also was improved but that was not the reason to add the kit, just a side benefit.
    Well worth the money for the results.

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  3. One person found this helpful

    Love it!

    Charles (verified owner)

    Installed the Enhanced leverage system on my P229 Legion along with the P Series Custom Strut so I’m not sure what made the biggest difference. This dropped the DA and SA trigger pulls considerably. My DA measures just under 8# and SA averages 3# with the 19# main spring.. The trigger also is smoother. I was concerned I might have light primer strikes but have very solid hits. 100 reliability so far. I’m very pleased with both of these products.

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  4. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful

    Hybrid - Great for L/XL hands

    RAYMOND (verified owner)

    I’m a big fan of GGI products. All of my SIGs (P228R, P229, P226NSWG, and P220C) have the original PSAIT single adjustment trigger installed with factory springs. I have run GGI and Wolff reduced power springs in the past and never had a misfire, even down to 17lbs. While the pull is lighter, I prefer the factory weight springs for decreased lock time when shooting at distance.

    The feel of the hybrid trigger face is much better than the SIG factory long, SIG factory short, GGI flat or curved adjustable. I have owned and used each of those in the past.

    The fit and finish are first rate. Thanks for taking the time to make a great product even better. Now if you guys could get to work on the 8mm adj triggers for the older 220, 239, and 228……..that would be awesome.

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  5. One person found this helpful
    George Carpenter


    George Carpenter (verified owner)

    P226R 40S&W, accurate with the usual crunch/stacky SIG DA trigger. SIG Short Trigger and SRT previously installed.

    Grayguns ELS with Hybrid Trigger was added, along with Grayguns Fat Custom Strut with the Master Spring Set.
    The combination nearly negating the DA pull difference in combat scenarios.

    Being old and old school I went hybrid and I’m glad I did.
    Zero learning curve.
    The change from SIG’s Short Trigger to the Grayguns Hybrid was a non-issue.
    Well worth the money.

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  6. 4 out of 5 people found this helpful

    Insane performance from a DIY trigger job!

    cmndrred (verified owner)

    I wanted to improve my Sig P229 .40 S&W so I started with the GrayGuns ELS system to lighten and tighten the trigger pull. I made a mistake and ordered the incorrect version (non-DAK), and GrayGuns was great about swapping that out for me, so initial service was stellar. I decided to add the SRT kit, and the combined effect was incredible…like a custom job! Smooth as glass, clean break, no over-travel, crisp reset, and DA/SA pull weights of <6 lbs and < 3 lbs respectively…actually close to 2.7 lbs in SA. I even calibrated my trigger scale because I could hardly believe the results. Faster, tighter groups (especially transitioning DA to SA), and just more fun to shoot! I'm a DIYer and was able to do all the work myself with just weekend-warrior tinkering skills and a few YouTube videos, so there's some satisfaction there too. Not cheap, but worth every penny with such a dramatic and immediate impact. Over 1500 rounds through it so far, with zero issues…flawless! And again, GrayGuns service was five star throughout.

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  7. Derry Mellott

    SIG P-Series ELS (Enhanced Leverage System) and other Gray Guns kits are AWESOME!

    Derry Mellott (verified owner)

    I installed the Gray Guns SIG P-Series ELS, along with the Grayguns Short Reset Trigger (SRT) Kit and the SIG P-Series Fat Custom Strut System and the Custom Fat Super Black Guide Rod in my non-DAK Sig P-226 [.40 S&W]. I used Sig Factory Springs for the Transfer Bar and Decocker and Recoil Spring, but used Gray Guns Sear Spring and the 17 lb Hammer Spring. First, both SA and DA trigger pulls are now glassy smooth. My DA trigger pull is dramatically reduced to about 11 lbs, per Timney Trigger Pull Gauge, but is so smooth it feels like 6lbs. My SA pull is now 3.75 lbs, per Timney Trigger Pull Gauge, breaks crisply and the Short Reset is right where I want it to be. These Gray Guns parts and kits transformed my P-226 from trigger pulls that just about caused me to “break a sweat” to a pistol that is a dream to shoot! At my shooting range one of the SRO’s I asked to check it out said my pistol has the best trigger pull he’s ever experienced on a SIG pistol. He’s a GLOCK Armorer and was really impressed. I have owned this pistol for several years and always had a “Love/Hate” relationship with it. Shot well, but was a pain to shoot. When I say, “Thank-you, Bruce Gray!” it seems a little inadequate and this effusive review may seem a bit contrived or disingenuous, but I am just a person who found Gray Guns via other articles written about the SIG P-series, took a look and decided to give Gray Guns Products a try. I am astonished and pleased by the results I obtained and wholeheartedly recommend Gray Guns after market products to anyone else. The value is well beyond the price and THAT is a rare thing these days.

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  8. Chris Roush

    Functions and is easy to install

    Chris Roush (verified owner)

    The installation is quite simple. The results are outstanding for not having to visit a gunsmith.

    I have both the ELS and the strut system installed currently. The feel of the trigger has been very noticeably improved. The overall trigger weight has been reduced and the press is much smoother.

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