P320 Tungsten Grip Weight Kit (3 Piece)


Kit includes three, solid tungsten weights adding 1.5 ounces (42 grams) to the grip module. Fit SIG Sauer® P320 X-Compact or Wilson Combat® WCP320 polymer grip modules.

The three-rod design allows for three balanced options: Two small, one large or install all three.

Inspect your grip module to ensure you have the proper slide-in slots for these grip weights.

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Designed to add more weight to your grip module. For many shooters, this will improve the balance and recoil control of your P320.

Non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant.

To complete installation, you’ll need to apply some heavy grease or use silicone caulk adhesive (not included) to prevent the weights from rattling or becoming dislodged from their correct positions.