P320 Modern Classic Slide, 4.7”


Custom Modern Classic P320 slide designed by Bruce Gray and the Grayguns team. This slide features a refined, classic look that complements the modern design of the SIG Sauer® P320. This is the 4.7-inch barrel version created by our team.

Includes custom slide and all internals. Options available will vary. This set of slides does not have a dovetail at the rear of the slide.

Looking for an optic or sights for your custom slide? Order your choice of optic or sight package and we'll professionally install the optic for free!
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Our custom Modern Classic P320 4.7-inch slide package focuses first on the weight and balance of the slide. We’ve introduced a traditional 1911 spin with utility-driven serrations in strategic areas. Available in a Black Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) finish. Each custom slide features the iconic Grayguns logo.

As a classic gunsmith, Bruce didn’t want his slide to resemble or feel like a wood rasp out of a woodshop. They went through many iterations but settled on something traditional for this modern sporting pistol.

Package Includes

  • Custom Grayguns Modern Classic designed slide
  • OEM slide internals (Ejector, Striker Assembly, and Slide Cap)
  • Choice of optic cut

Slides do not include a barrel, guide rod or recoil spring. These custom slides will work with OEM barrels and guide rods.

Grayguns P320 Slide – 4.7-inch – Additional Information

You can directly mount one of our red dot options to the slide. There is no need for an adaptor plate.

This set of slides does not include a dovetail at the rear of the slide. It does have the OEM dovetail cut at the front.

Additional information

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Slide Configuration

Cut for Romeo3 Max, Cut for Romeo1 Pro, Cut for Trijicon RMR, Cut for Trijicon SRO, Cut for Iron Sights


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