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Grayguns Gun Camp scheduled – Sept. 18-20

July 21, 2009

We’ve been working on details for our Gun Camp II course modules that will be held in Spray, Oregon the weekend of Sept. 18-20.

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Dry fire secrets of the pros

July 20, 2009

I rarely encounter shooters who feel their shooting and gun handling is as good as it should be, and most will acknowledge a real need for improvement in shooting abilities. Whether you are new in recreational shooting, an officer of the law or armed civilian, or a seasoned practical competitor, experience suggests the place to…

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The four cardinal rules of safe gun handling

July 19, 2009

Always treat all firearms as if they were loaded. Never allow the muzzle of any firearm to point at anything you are not willing to destroy. Never put your finger near the trigger until you are ready to fire. Do not depend on any mechanical device for safety! Always be sure of your target, and…

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Placeholder – Torie Simmons

August 28, 2007

Torie Simmons

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