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SIG Sauer action packagesGrayguns Inc. offer a variety of action enhancement packages for all SIG Sauer® service pistols with many options to suit your specific application.

You’ll also find some of our most popular upgrades, including guide rods, recoil springs, and sight options. Grayguns is a full-service custom shop, and we offer many services and modifications not shown here. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

left-arrowLook to our menu on the left for the various action enhancement packages we offer for all SIG Sauer service pistols.

Armorer’s Inspection

Armorer’s Inspections are available for $65.

Ensure you review our Action & Ergonomic Modifications, sights and finish add-on options for when you send your pistol to Grayguns for an action job.

Note: All of our action packages are qualitatively identical in regards to the smoothness of the trigger pulls; they differ only by springing, reset length, leverage and over-travel stop options.