Grayguns Self Defense Action Package

$99 + Kit & Trigger

Have your P-Series Perfection Action Kit Gen2 (Self Defense) installed by the professionals at Grayguns. Our new and improved P-Series Perfection Action Kit Gen2 (Self Defense) has been redesigned from the ground up to incorporate SIG’s Short Reset Trigger (SRT) Safety Lever.

This installation package is appropriate for duty, self defense, and for range/competition. We also feature installation packages for those looking for a Competition only package.

Installation of our P-Series Perfection Action Kit Gen2 (Self Defense) includes our high quality, tool-steel, Grayguns hammer and duty sear, 19 pound mainsprings and an uprated firing pin return spring. In addition to our new parts, Grayguns now has an exclusive agreement with SIG Sauer to incorporate their SRT Safety Lever with our proprietary parts to provide you an excellent short reset trigger.

As an option – depending on your limitations – add your choice of trigger to our Perfection Action Kit. Select from our P-Series Precision Adjustable Intermediate Trigger – which is found in all first-generation SIG Sauer Legion DA/SA pistols – or our P-Series Precision Adjustable Straight Trigger which is available in Alloy Steel or Aluminum versions. (We do offer a limited selection of aluminum triggers in color.)

Installation typically yields a reduction in both actual and perceived double action pull weight, while maintaining single action weight appropriate for self defense or duty use.

Included in your installation fee is a full detailed armorers inspection and cleaning of your pistol, micro-polishing and smoothing of critical engagements, minor fitting and adjustments of key components and springs, sight regulation and test firing.

SIG Sauer-trained armorers and those very familiar with the action of their pistol may order the P-Series Perfection Action Kit Gen2 (Self Defense) and install the kit themselves.

Fit Guide

Our P-PAK Gen2 SD fits modern DA/SA SIG Sauer P-Series pistols including the P220*, P228, P226, P226 X-Five Allround, P227 and most obsolete versions.

The P-PAK Gen2 SD does not fit the following:

  • *Early P220 pistols with the classic narrow trigger or spur hammer.
  • P225/P6, P225A1 or P239.
  • SIG pistols with DAK or DAO triggers.
  • Browning BDA pistols

Check with Grayguns if you have questions about compatibility.

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