Grayguns AIWB/IWB Holster

The Grayguns Custom Inside-the-Waistband or Appendix Inside-the-Waistband Holster is a collaboration between PHLster Holster, Henry Holsters and our own law enforcement director, Mike Grasso (LAPD).

The holster is currently available for the SIG Sauer® P365 and all versions of the P320.

The holster utilizes a PHLster wedge to orientate the grip of the weapon closer to your body which reduces printing and it’s slightly longer length (less than 1″) reduces the chance of the holster flipping over your belt.

Designed with two soft loops that can removed or reoriented if needed, you can wear this in both the standard 3-4 o’clock position or in AIWB. Molded in a Grayguns gray finish and hot stamped with our logo!