Grayguns DIY Action Upgrade Spring Kits

Please Read Before Ordering!

Each Grayguns Do It Yourself Action Upgrade Spring Kit includes the same components used in our proven-reliable custom SIG Sauer® action work. Our top-quality springs have been designed to provide superior performance, safety and durability. Sear springs are stress-relieved to resist fatigue. Mainsprings deliver fast hammer speeds with reduced double-action pull weights. Used together, our firing pin return and safety lock springs provide smoother single-action-mode trigger takeup and enhanced resistance to damage from heavy use while preserving drop safety integrity. Each DIY kit also includes the correct replacement slide positioning pin to fit your model pistol.

Our spring kits will fit the most common versions of current and obsolete production P220, 226 and 229 pistols with machined stainless slides, as well as P228, P225 and other older-style P-series pistols with folded slides and removable breechblocks. Refer to photos to identify the correct kit for your pistol. If you don’t see a kit for your particular model here on our shopping page, don’t despair! Contact us for assistance as we may be able to provide you with what you need.

Caution: Our spring kits are intended for installation by certified SIG Sauer armorers or qualified gunsmiths familiar with the P-series action, factory trigger pull standards and safety systems. Our kits include replacement springs for both defensive and range-only applications. Grayguns strongly recommends single action trigger pulls in pistols intended for self defense and duty use should not be reduced below 4.5 pounds. Grayguns firing pin safety lock and firing pin return springs are intended to be installed together. We invite your gunsmith to refer to our SIG Sauer Armorer and Gunsmithing Video for detailed information on installation and safety testing. If you have doubts about the suitability of our springs for your application or questions about proper and safe installation, STOP and contact Grayguns for assistance. Grayguns will install and safety test our components for the cost of shipping. Grayguns cannot be responsible for the condition of individual pistols, and does not warrant the installation and function of our components by others. Before you order, ensure your pistol is equipped with the newer style short mainspring strut and plastic seat (see image).

Now that you have the information you need, head over to pick out and order your spring kit!