Enhanced Leverage Competition Package


March 31, 2015 Update: The Enhanced Leverage Competition Package currently has an additional lead time. Please check our Current Wait Times page.

This is our premier competition-only package and includes all the obsessively performed smoothing, tuning, springing and short reset work of our basic Competition Short Reset Package (CSR) with the addition of several features. The heart of the Grayguns ELCP is a specially engineered version of our P-Series Precision Intermediate Trigger (P-SPIT), which permits us to dramatically reduce the DA and SA pulls without compromising factory sear engagements, safety system values, or ignition reliability. 6.5-7lb DA and 2.5-3lb SA pull weights are typical, depending on the model.

The P-SPIT’s internal fitted over-travel stop is not externally visible to comply with production-division rules, and the SA pre-travel stop reduces the free slack takeup in single action mode by approximately 50 percent. The trigger face has been carefully designed for perfect comfort and control. This package also eliminates free-slack take up at the beginning of the DA stroke. The hammer will start moving as soon as the trigger is pressed and the entire DA pull will be dead-smooth, ultra-light and free of stacking and objectionable overt-travel.

This package will only be performed on guns with standard length solid (non-MIM) triggers. If your gun has a short or MIM trigger we can usually supply the required barstock standard length trigger for $25. If you are worried about trigger reach we can modify the standard length trigger into an intermediate trigger as described in the additional options section.

This package can be applied to the following DA/SA P-Series models: P220, P226, P228, P229, and X-5 All-Around.

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