ELS Straight Optimized Trigger System Installation


Plus the cost of the ELS Straight Optimized Trigger System and shipping.



This service and trigger system is appropriate for owners looking for improved performance.

Fit Guide

The Enhanced Leverage System Straight Optimized Trigger can be installed in the classic, P-series SIG Sauer DA/SA pistols including:

  • P226
  • P229
  • P228
Grayguns DA/SA Trigger Kit

The Grayguns Enhanced Leverage System (ELS) plus Install consists of our new ELS as a hand-tuned package, tailored to each customer’s specific use.

The service package includes internal polishing and properly tuned springs for the intended application (hard duty use or competition), armorer’s inspection, sight regulation and test firing. UpGray’d’s can include Grayguns Short Reset Trigger (SRT) System, or the factory SIG Sauer® SRT kit.

We offer this service for all the following DA/SA models: P226, P228, P229, P227 and the P220 with a modern 10mm wide trigger opening.

Specifications & Features

  • Improved Double Action - No stacking, smooth pre-travel
  • Reduces Double Action pull weight by 20 to 25 percent while maintaining full striking power.
  • Tuned pre-travel and over-travel
  • Preserves factory safety values, specifically designed for hard duty use.
  • Optimized single action release
  • Limited lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship

Kit includes

  • Dual Adjustable Straight Optimized Trigger
  • Grayguns Enhanced leverage trigger bar
  • Grayguns advanced safety lever - Precision EDM machined
  • Proper springs for intended Use (duty or competition)

Add-on services and components

When you send your pistol to Grayguns for action work, a variety of add-on services and components may be available.

Along with additional performance upgrade components and accessories listed below, Sight Installation and Finishing Options are available.

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