New Competition Action Package, Rear Sight & Guide Rod for P320

P320 shown includes new sights and grip texturing.

P320 shown includes new sights and grip texturing.

The new SIG Sauer® P320 has captured the imaginations of shooters like nothing else in recent years, and we understand why. With outstanding ergonomics, unmatched accuracy and a great 7-pound trigger, it’s ready for duty right out of the box and an unbeatable value. These same attributes make the P320 a perfect choice for competition and range use, with some enhancements.

P320 Competition Action Package

To that end, the Grayguns Crew has been involved in an intense R&D program to make the P320 the most competitive production-division pistol you can buy for any price. Our new SIG Sauer P320 Competition Action Package (CAP) represents one year of research and development by the Grayguns crew. This action package brings your pistol to the high standard expected to compete in USPSA, IDPA, NRA Action Pistol and 3-Gun matches. Includes:

  • Comprehensive detailing and our micropolishing treatment of all action parts using the amazing Lucas Metal Polish.
  • Selective parts refinished in our in-house electroless nickel-PTFE process.
  • Fitting for over-travel and positive reset.
  • Grayguns proprietary trigger and sear work to yield a reliable and clean 4 pound break (approximate) with no crunch or stacking
  • Extractor tuning.
  • Test firing and zero.

We’ve updated our website to include this package, and if you’re interested in getting your gun outfitted, our Action Work Pre-Order Form now includes this option for the P320.

Grayguns SIG Sauer Sight

To complement the P320’s action package, our new Grayguns SIG Sauer Sight is another innovation to come from our P320 program. Grayguns master gunsmith Roy Nelson and SPD Tool’s Scott Conti teamed up to design a new sight that properly fits and precisely zeros on the P320’s unique slide profile, and it also fits and registers perfectly on other P-Series slides.

When paired with a Dawson fiber optic front, this combo is perfect for serious competition and range use. If your slide or complete gun is sent to Grayguns, the set is fitted, machined to zero perfectly to your load and POA/POI requirements, and refinished in black oxide.


  • Notch width: .125 (custom notches available on request)
  • Overall height: .275
  • Material: alloy steel, pack hardened to 60RC
  • Lock screw and wrench provided

P320 Fullsize Guide Rod

Finally, we now have a FAT guide rod available for the P320 in stainless or super black finish. The stock P320 Fullsize 9mm pistols come with a highly durable flat-wound recoil spring and guide system that provides the excellent reliability you expect from a SIG Sauer. However, our shooters agree that it is over-sprung for serious competitive use, causing the muzzle to both flip and dip undesirably during sight return.

We designed a simple solution: a new FAT guide rod that accepts most standard 1911 recoil springs. This new FAT rod lets you tune your recoil spring to your load, grip style and desired sight return characteristics. We include a 1911 15 pound recoil spring, and the rod is guaranteed for life.


  • 17-4 stainless hardened to prevent galling, ringing or breakage, guaranteed.
  • Maximum diameter to fit the spring and slide guide rod exit bore to prevent end-coil jams.
  • One-half ounce heavier than standard guide rod (competition production legal). The added weight reduces muzzle flip.
  • Finely polished.
  • Available in Super Black for a small additional fee.

Photo Gallery

Below, you’ll find some images demonstrating our automated micropolishing service for the internal parts, sear housings fresh from the electroless nickel PTFE bath (micropolished too), triggers, as well as guide rods and rear sight – all for the P320.