P320 base pads

Hard-Duty SIG P320 Magazine Base Pads

Custom SIG P320 hard-duty base pads for military, LE or enthusiast use. Tested for repeated drops on concrete or asphalt while surviving the abuse.

Redesigned Perfection Action Package for SIG SAUER pistols

Spray, Ore. – Grayguns, Inc. today announced the release of their redesigned P-Series Perfection Action Kit for most SIG SAUER® traditional double action/single action pistols. The Generation 2 kit (P-PAK Gen2) is available in both Self Defense and Competition versions.

Combined with a Grayguns custom curved or straight trigger – in alloy steel or aluminum – the kit is carefully engineered to provide a dead smooth double action pull, clean single action break, positive tactile reset and minimum overtravel. The kit includes the exact components Grayguns installs when completing in-house action work. Installation yields a reduction in both actual and perceived double action pull weight, while maintaining an appropriate single action weight for competition or self defense, based on the kit selected.

“During the last five years, our team has worked hard to bring you a Grayguns action package in a bag,” said Bruce Gray, president of Grayguns. “It’s not inexpensive to send a gun to us for in-house action work. So we’ve put together precision quality components you can buy online or at select dealers. The components can be installed locally by someone familiar with the platform.”

Grayguns does offer in-house installation services for customers. “Our gunsmiths and technicians include additional services for those who send in their guns,” said Jeff Whitaker, customer service manager. “The installation fee includes a full detailed armorer’s inspection and cleaning, micro-polishing and smoothing of critical engagements and minor fitting.” Prior to return, the gun’s sights are regulated and the pistol is test fired.

“For our second generation kit, we redesigned components from the ground up to incorporate SIG’s Short Reset Trigger (SRT) Safety Lever,” continued Gray. “We’ve introduced two, tool-steel sears. Our Self Defense sear provides a single action pull weight appropriate for carry, and our Competition sear features a single action pull weight appropriate for competition or the range.”

Kits include Grayguns’ high quality, tool-steel hammer, competition or self defense sear, the SRT safety lever and appropriate springs. Customers may use their stock trigger or select from either the P-Series Precision Adjustable Intermediate Trigger – which is found in all first-generation SIG Sauer Legion DA/SA pistols – or the P-Series Precision Adjustable Straight Trigger which is available in Alloy Steel or Aluminum versions.

The P-Series Perfection Action Kit (Gen2) has a retail price of $240 and is available online. The package offers compatibility with many modern DA/SA SIG P-Series pistols including the P220, P228, P229, P226, P226 X-Five Allround, P227 and most obsolete versions. For question concerning compatibility, contact Grayguns via email.


P-Series Perfection Action Kit Gen2 Self Defense

P-Series Perfection Action Kit Gen2 Competition



Aiming for Zero’s SIG Sauer target promotion success

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who participated in this summer’s Aiming for Zero charity promotions. To kick off the USPSA Area 7 Championship in Harvard, Mass., Jerry Tetreau announced the charity events and target purchases raised almost $5,600 for Active Heroes. Grayguns handed out almost 500 targets at the NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia

Adam Taylor was the winner of the SIG Sauer® P320 RX and Ted Bradford won the P320 X-Five. The guns were supplied by SIG Sauer Academy and both winners have the opportunity to get Grayguns trigger action work completed for free.

Grayguns contributed to the effort by committing to donate 5 percent of our in-house action work revenue between Independence Day and Labor Day. At the Area 7 Championship, we let Jerry and the Active Heroes organization know we were able to raise an additional $4,000 for the charity. Thank you for helping us make this summer’s charity promotion a success!

Active Heroes is an IRS approved 501c3 charity with the mission to support all U.S. military service members, veterans and their families through physical, educational, and emotional programs in an effort to eliminate suicide. Active Heroes’ vision is to eliminate military/veteran suicide.

Aiming for Zero – an integral part of Active Heroes – provides the national competitive shooting community a channel through which to focus their efforts to support ending veteran suicide.



Lane wins US IPSC Production title

Mason Lane continued to impress the shooting community by taking first place in Production at the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) US Nationals in July. Focusing primarily on USPSA and IDPA during the last two years, Lane – a top amateur in the sport – reset priorities early this summer, and the dedication shows.

Lane at US IPSC NationalsLane shot the more challenging portion of the two-day match on day one. “I had a couple blow-ups on the first day,” Lane said. “On the second day, I knew where I was and knew where I needed to be to do well.” Lane had difficulty on two stages on the first day. The first combined very challenging leans with with multiple swingers at distances between 15 and 25 yards.

The second stage he had difficulty with was actually his favorite. “Every transition on the stage was a change in difficulty and you had to run out to a pick-up start,” Lane commented. “Even though it was only 16 or 18 rounds, that’s the type of stage design I enjoy.”

When asked about preparation for the IPSC matches, Mason mentioned he needed to make some gear changes and get comfortable with the different rules. For IPSC matches, shooters are not allowed to take a sight picture at the make-ready command, and they have a very limited amount of time to put a stage plan together.

Lane also shot a few United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) matches applying the IPSC rules, including staying within the fault lines during the stage run. “I’m so used to the USPSA rule set, I didn’t want to loose points on a rule violation in Florida or in France later this month,” Lane commented.

Lane shooting at IPSC US NationalsLane was also thankful SIG Sauer Academy provided him range time and the ability to easily set up practice drills. “The long distance swingers at the IPSC US Nationals really showed me what I needed to work on,” Lane continued. “If you stopped by to visit me at the bay recently, I was shooting swingers and I really appreciate the accommodations SIG provided.”

Next up for Lane is a trip to the National Shooting Center in Châteauroux, France for the IPSC Handgun World Shoot. The multi-day match – 30 stages shot over five days – will have more 1,400 shooters attending. The main match starts on Aug. 27, but events and pre-matches started Aug. 21.

Mason earned a slot at the World Shoot thank to his excellent performance at the 2017 IPSC US Nationals and previous USPSA and  IPSC Nationals. More than 50 shooters earned invitations this year, and this will be the first time Lane attends a World Shoot.

Lane - US World Shoot uniformWhen shooting in the USPSA Production and Limited divisions, Lane competes with a Grayguns-tuned SIG SAUER P320. For IPSC, he shoots a stock P320 with a Grayguns sights custom built by SPD Tool.

You can follow the results from the 2017 World Shoot online via the Practiscore website.



Aiming for Zero

Grayguns pledges 5% of in-house revenue to Aiming for Zero

Aiming for ZeroGrayguns is a proud supporter of Aiming for Zero, and through Labor Day Weekend, we will be contributing 5 percent of our in-house action work revenue to this great cause.

Active Heroes is an IRS approved 501c3 charity with the mission to support all U.S. military service members, veterans and their families through physical, educational, and emotional programs in an effort to eliminate suicide. Active Heroes’ vision is to eliminate military/veteran suicide.

Aiming for Zero – an integral part of Active Heroes – provides the national competitive shooting community a channel through which to focus their efforts to support ending veteran suicide.

Between Independence Day and Labor Day, Grayguns will be contributing 5 percent of our in-house action work revenue towards Aiming for Zero. To get started today, complete our Action Work Pre-Order Form.

Aiming for Zero – Get Involved!

Even if you are not sending in a gun for custom action work to Grayguns, you can contribute to this great program and have a chance to win a gun from SIG Sauer Academy, tuned by the staff here at Grayguns.

At the NRA Annual Meeting, Grayguns provided more than 450 Aiming for Zero targets to attendees who expressed interest in joining the challenge and supporting Aiming for Zero. Now it’s time to shoot your target and contribute!

You’ll have a chance to win a SIG Sauer P320 X5 or a P320 RX. One P320 RX will be given away to a random entry and one P320 X5 will be awarded to the highest score entry.

Review the full contest rules available online.

  1. If you have not already been provided a target or ordered your targets, click here to order five, 10, 25 or 50 Aiming for Zero targets.
  2. Shoot the 50-round course of fire as defined on the target.
  3. Take a photo of your target. You can have a friend take a photo with you and the target if you’d like.
  4. Enter the contest (click here) by providing your name, email address, phone number and photo of your target. You can enter as many times as you’d like, with a donation of $10 per target.

You’ve got plenty of time to shoot your targets and get them submitted online, but you’ll need to do so before Sept. 4, 2017 to be eligible to win.

Our team has been busy shooting the Aiming for Zero Challenge!

Grayguns introduces drop-in enhanced P320 trigger

Grayguns, Inc. today announced the release of the Practical Enhanced Leverage Trigger for the SIG SAUER® P320. The new P320 trigger is the first bar-stock trigger designed to enhance feel and reduce trigger pull weight, by 2 to 2.5 pounds. The kit includes a custom trigger bar spring and heavy-duty extended sear housing pin. The installation results in minimum over-travel, with a smoother take-up and release sensation. The design preserves all mechanical safety values of the original trigger, and is available in both a straight-face and curved-face design.

“Grayguns completed a 24-month research and development project prior to the launch of the drop-in kit,” said Bruce Gray, president of Grayguns. “We worked closely with more than 30 competitive shooters and industry experts to finalize and prove the design to ensure we released a simple-to-install kit that could be used for competition, carry and law enforcement duty applications.”

The curved trigger’s external dimensions are a factory-analog match to the stock design. As such, current owners of the P320 will be able to install the kit and shoot the gun in the United States Practical Shooting Association’s (USPSA) Production division.

“The stock P320 trigger is very good out of the box,” said Gray. “The design of the P320 is such that it is difficult to enhance the trigger pull for enhancement or competitive purposes while keeping the design as safe as the production model. We’re confident we have safe and reliable P320 solutions to meet the needs of every shooter who is looking to improve an already good trigger.”

The Practical Enhanced Leverage Trigger drop-in kit has a retail price of $99 and is available online. The package offers full compatibility within the P320 system in all calibers and sizes.

“Yesterday, SIG SAUER announced the military selected the P320 platform as their selection for the Modular Handgun System,” commented Gray. “From the first time I handled the pistol in 2014, I knew it was an innovative approach to a modular system, and I’m thrilled the military selected the P320. We’ll be gearing up for additional interest in our products in the near future.”

Along with releasing the drop-in kit, Grayguns announced two in-house options for P320 action work.

Grayguns P320 Carry Action Package

The Carry Action Package for the P320 includes professional installation of the Practical Enhanced Leverage Trigger plus comprehensive micro-polishing of key internal components by Grayguns. The custom fitting removes any take-up roughness and stacking for a super-clean and smooth 2 pound reduction in trigger weight below factory stock. The trigger action work is appropriate for carry, law enforcement duty or competition shooting.

Grayguns P320 Competition Action Package

For those interested in shooting the P320 platform in competition, Grayguns offers their Competition Enhanced Leverage Trigger Service. Along with the components from the Practical Enhanced Leverage Trigger kit, Grayguns installs patent pending internal parts including a tool-steel, electrical discharge machining (EDM) cam sear and safety cam plate.

With the components installed, Grayguns gunsmiths are able to provide competitors with a very reliable 3.6 to 3.75 pound trigger that preserves the drop-safe design of the P320.

At this time, the competition action service with patent pending parts is restricted to in-house installations, as the kit benefits from a certain amount of tweaking and adjusting of the factory parts to optimize the trigger pull for competition use.


Grayguns Sight P320

New Competition Action Package, Rear Sight & Guide Rod for P320

P320 shown includes new sights and grip texturing.

P320 shown includes new sights and grip texturing.

The new SIG Sauer® P320 has captured the imaginations of shooters like nothing else in recent years, and we understand why. With outstanding ergonomics, unmatched accuracy and a great 7-pound trigger, it’s ready for duty right out of the box and an unbeatable value. These same attributes make the P320 a perfect choice for competition and range use, with some enhancements.

P320 Competition Action Package

To that end, the Grayguns Crew has been involved in an intense R&D program to make the P320 the most competitive production-division pistol you can buy for any price. Our new SIG Sauer P320 Competition Action Package (CAP) represents one year of research and development by the Grayguns crew. This action package brings your pistol to the high standard expected to compete in USPSA, IDPA, NRA Action Pistol and 3-Gun matches. Includes:

  • Comprehensive detailing and our micropolishing treatment of all action parts using the amazing Lucas Metal Polish.
  • Selective parts refinished in our in-house electroless nickel-PTFE process.
  • Fitting for over-travel and positive reset.
  • Grayguns proprietary trigger and sear work to yield a reliable and clean 4 pound break (approximate) with no crunch or stacking
  • Extractor tuning.
  • Test firing and zero.

We’ve updated our website to include this package, and if you’re interested in getting your gun outfitted, our Action Work Pre-Order Form now includes this option for the P320.

Grayguns SIG Sauer Sight

To complement the P320’s action package, our new Grayguns SIG Sauer Sight is another innovation to come from our P320 program. Grayguns master gunsmith Roy Nelson and SPD Tool’s Scott Conti teamed up to design a new sight that properly fits and precisely zeros on the P320’s unique slide profile, and it also fits and registers perfectly on other P-Series slides.

When paired with a Dawson fiber optic front, this combo is perfect for serious competition and range use. If your slide or complete gun is sent to Grayguns, the set is fitted, machined to zero perfectly to your load and POA/POI requirements, and refinished in black oxide.


  • Notch width: .125 (custom notches available on request)
  • Overall height: .275
  • Material: alloy steel, pack hardened to 60RC
  • Lock screw and wrench provided

P320 Fullsize Guide Rod

Finally, we now have a FAT guide rod available for the P320 in stainless or super black finish. The stock P320 Fullsize 9mm pistols come with a highly durable flat-wound recoil spring and guide system that provides the excellent reliability you expect from a SIG Sauer. However, our shooters agree that it is over-sprung for serious competitive use, causing the muzzle to both flip and dip undesirably during sight return.

We designed a simple solution: a new FAT guide rod that accepts most standard 1911 recoil springs. This new FAT rod lets you tune your recoil spring to your load, grip style and desired sight return characteristics. We include a 1911 15 pound recoil spring, and the rod is guaranteed for life.


  • 17-4 stainless hardened to prevent galling, ringing or breakage, guaranteed.
  • Maximum diameter to fit the spring and slide guide rod exit bore to prevent end-coil jams.
  • One-half ounce heavier than standard guide rod (competition production legal). The added weight reduces muzzle flip.
  • Finely polished.
  • Available in Super Black for a small additional fee.

Photo Gallery

Below, you’ll find some images demonstrating our automated micropolishing service for the internal parts, sear housings fresh from the electroless nickel PTFE bath (micropolished too), triggers, as well as guide rods and rear sight – all for the P320.

Bruce Gray takes 4th in 2011 NRA Bianchi Cup Production Division

The 2011 Bianchi Cup took place May 25-27 at the Green Valley Rifle & Pistol club in Columbia, Mo. The Bianchi Cup is the premier action pistol championship tournament in the world, and the only major shooting tournament that has retained its original course of fire since its inception. Bruce won the production division in 1994 and 1996, and took 4th place this year.

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Reconstructed: Our version of the Sig Sauer GSR

This is a Sig Sauer GSR we did some work on for a customer. Some basic stuff like action work, GGI extractor, Superblack finish, hardtail, flush-cut slide stop, etc…
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Photos from GGI Heckler & Koch P7 M8 custom work

While catching up on our custom-gun backlog, we’ve been finishing a number of H&K P7 projects lately. We’ve had requests to post some pics of our current P7 work, so with your indulgence here’s a few snapshots of an M8 that Torie and I just completed for a good and patient customer from Ohio.

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